Definition of words

Define words
  • (noun) Plural form of word.
  • (noun) An angry discussion.
  • (verb) Third-person singular simple present indicative form of word.
  • words in sentence
  • In (_a_) the application of _words_ is limited, or restricted, to the two words mentioned; in (_c_) _words_ is restricted to a certain kind.
  • _The hyphen in initial words indicates the composition of the words_.
  • Those who failed to interpret the words, or to extract the idea from them, reiterated the _words_ to themselves, and would perhaps be able to repeat the words again, but they do so in the same manner that a person reads or repeats words in an unknown tongue.
  • But even this is not enough, where the child is dull, or where healthful mental exercise is required; and accordingly in that case, the teacher not only questions upon the clauses in connection with the other principal words, but he takes the _words_, of which the clauses are composed, and catechises the child upon them also.
  • The child will then be able -- not to repeat the words only, for that is not the effect of this exercise, -- but to communicate the ideas in his _own words_; which, however, will generally be found to be the very same as in the book.
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